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With the current risks we will be following the following procedures as standard:

  • Disinfecting any instruments between uses

  • Changing into fresh clothing on arrival at your venue

  • Using handsanitiser as often as possible

  • Wearing a mask in public

  • Keeping at a 2m distance from clients

  • We will never take more than one booking per day

Due to the nature of singing projecting breath further, we will provide vocal recordings for sing-alongs alongside non-wind instruments (piano, violin, melodian etc). Outdoor venues are preferable where possible (we are happy for the audience/group to be inside and have a garden serenade).

We have increased our range of activities to include online games that can be enjoyed by families brought together online, we welcome loved ones to join music sessions with us on Zoom. 

We are keen to work with care providers to ensure we do everything possible to keep everyone safe. Please let us know your specific requirements. 

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